Design for Performance without Constraints

Overcoming the 45 degree rule

Support structures have always been a necessary requirement for the additive process; angles less than 45 degrees require supports because they anchor the part to the build plate to control deformation. But, the requirement of support structures greatly limits the full benefits of metal AM because: 

  • Removing support structures in highly complex designs with low angles and internal passages is time consuming, cost-prohibitive, or even impossible. Those designs are often abandoned
  • Post-processing lengthens the manufacturing cycle, reducing the overall speed-to-market
  • Dependable and repeatable quality is difficult to achieve 

What if you could design for performance without consideration of supports or other constraints that limit serial additive manufacturing?

Do you have critical part designs that share these characteristics? If so, you may be interested in attending an Impossible Parts workshop:

  1. Parts that you would like to manufacture without consideration for support structures
  2. Designs with large overhangs or large inner diameters 
  3. Parts that have failed to print successfully on existing metal additive machines

Co-hosted with The Barnes Group Advisors, the workshops are virtual and can be attended from the comfort of your office, saving travel expenses and time. 

Velo3D is unlocking innovation with our unique SupportFree process for Laser Powder-bed Fusion (LPBF). Protected by over 40 patents, our process is fully integrated with pre-print simulation by Flow™ and closed melt-pool control to increase your first time yield and produce high-quality production runs. 

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