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A New Twist

on a Boring Bit




Join CDS, Ansys, and Velo3D engineers for a look at how the synergy of modern software and advanced manufacturing can unlock new capabilities for down hole drill bits – estimated to be a USD $5 billion market by 2026.

In drilling, optimization means a higher rate of penetration (ROP) of the rock substrate. Current drill bit designs are optimized for hydraulics but are also designed to be manufactured through conventional means. Analyzing the results of modern topological optimization and CFD, designers at CDS (Cognitive Design Systems) found room for further improvement by updating the manufacturing technology and using the geometric freedoms created by advanced metal additive manufacturing (3D Printing).

In this webinar we cover:

  • Topological optimization of the drill bit
  • Ansys fluent CFD analysis of the bit design
  • Benefits of the new design
  • Conventional manufacturing challenges
  • Geometric freedom granted by Velo3D’s advanced end-to-end manufacturing solution

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Rhushik Matroja
CEO & Co-Founder
Cognitive Design Systems

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matt k bgr

Matt Karesh
Technical Sales Engineer